Terms of Access

Management of the Park

Te Mata Park is private land, gifted in perpetuity to the community in 1927 under a Deed of Trust. The Te Mata Park Trust Board is responsible for the protection and management of the 99 hectares of land that constitute the Park. The honorary Trustees are supported by additional volunteers from the local community with ongoing management of the Park and related community activities. In addition to the Deed of Trust, the Park is also protected as a designated Landscape of National Significance in the Hastings District Plan, and by a QE2 covenant.


Responsibilities of the Trust

  • Retain the special character of the Park and protect it for future generations.
  • Balance preservation, conservation and sustainability with the interests of Park users and visitors.
  • Offer all Park users the opportunity to explore and experience the Park.
  • Promote the cultural, historical and environmental significance of the Park.


Conditions of Access

Users of Te Mata Park do so at their own risk. The Te Mata Park Trust Board will not accept responsibility for any accident, damages or losses that may occur within the Park.

Prohibited in the Park at all times – all offenders will be prosecuted:

  • Camping including overnight stays by campervans
  • Horse riding and off road motor biking
  • Fires and fireworks
  • Dumping of rubbish and littering
  • Willful damage to land, vegetation or signage


All Users:

  • Take responsibility for your own safety. Use the road with care.
  • Respect the land and vegetation in the Park at all times. No plants or plant material may be removed from the Park.
  • Share with Care – sections of tracks are shared between walkers/runners and bikers. These are marked with orange Shared Track signs.


Dog Owners:

  • The Park is an off-lead area for dogs. Owners are responsible for the control of their dogs at all times, especially in areas of the Park where stock are grazed.
  • Owners must have a leash in hand and keep their dog within view.
  • Owners must ensure their dogs do not foul the tracks or their immediate margins at any time.
  • Female dogs in heat are not allowed in the Park.
  • Access with dogs may be suspended during pest control periods.



  • Respect Others
    • Stay in control and give way to walkers
    • Signal your approach and pass with care
    • Ride shared tracks in small groups
  • Respect the Rules
    • Ride only where permitted
    • No new tracks to be formed in any area
  • Respect the Tracks
    • Don’t skid, cut corners or make new lines
    • Stay on the bike tracks and avoid soft surfaces when wet


Activities Within the Park Requiring Approval

Any sporting or community event organised or private event involving more than 30 people must have prior approval from the Te Mata Park Trust Board. The Trust requires a minimum of 14 days notice prior to the proposed event and reserves the right to decline any request. Terms and conditions will apply for all approved events. Please complete the Te Mata Park Booking Form HDC 2017.

The Te Mata Park Trust Board reserves the right to review and alter these terms of access to the Park at any time and to refuse access to the Park to any user who does not comply with the above.

Please report any issues or incidents to the Trust.


Please Note : The upper section of Te Mata Peak Road above the Peak Restaurant is closed to vehicles from 10pm to 5.30am every day.

The Tauroa Road carpark extension is closed between 9pm and 7am daily and we ask park users to consider local residents in terms of noise, especially early in the morning.